Look Both Ways - Reviews

"…folk, jazz, blues, soul…combine seamlessly into a coherent sound… soulful, haunting … outstanding vocals."

Ian Croft: R2 5*

"…vibrant and ebullient…is this folk? Find a better question."

Julian Cole: EDS. 4*

…a joyful listening experience that will leave you with a smile on your face and a spring in your step…deserves the widest possible audience. If more people listened to Steamchicken, the world would be a much better place."

David Chamberlain: FATEA

"…some great storytelling … the use of a full brass section and driving rhythm section that is the real eye-opener…and the amazing vocal range of Amy Kakoura handling everything thrown at her."

Dave Beeby: The Living Tradition

" .…an irresistible sound that leaves this listener, at least, with an overwhelming feeling of joy."

Barry Goodman: Shire-folk

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"….an excellent album, mixing so many styles and ideas in a bewildering stew of exciting music."

Dai Jeffries: Folking.com

"…probably the most convincing attempt yet at marrying English folk and ambient dubstep…the surging heartbeat of Joe Crum's drumming feels like it could replicate the biblical feat of tearing the city walls down."

Bright Young Folk

"…sheer musical talent here, palpable chemistry."

Simon Redly: Music Republic Magazine. 4*

"Brigg Fair… is given a treatment that demonstrates the layered beauty that is Steamchicken. Amy Kakoura gives Imelda May a run for her money…. takes a folk ballad and turns it into a big band anthem with a groove and elasticity that Bellowhead could only dream of."

Marc Higgins: Northern Sky

"…thunderous jazz-folk- soul-concoction…blasting out of windows on a summer's evening."

James Miller: Morning Star